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West Winds Ceiling Fan

The West Winds ceiling fan is a classic design that is in best-in-class condition, this fan is produced of brass tone and provides a new in package price. If you're digging for a fans that will give you states of the art air, then vintage West Winds ceiling fan is the fan for you, this fan is pulled only and presents a quiet sound.

Westwind Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This is an enticing fan for the room with a breeze, it is new in the package and in the old stock of stock. It is a ceiling fan with a western feel to it, it is a pull-to-ggles fan, so you can control it with your hands. The light kit includes the fan, light, and stand, this is a new West Winds ceiling fan. It is a pull-based fan, meaning only the user can turn on the fan, no else, the fan is new in packaging. The fan is in valuable condition, the West Winds ceiling fan is a beautiful brass tone ceiling fan with a pull only design. This fan is new in package and in new old stock, this fan is only 948 fans strong and will be a first rate addition to your room. This is a one time use fan that is designed to keep you cool in hot weather, it renders a West Winds theme with a pull only design. The fan is produced of brass tone new in package and features a West Winds theme, it is ready to handle and grants a pull only design so you can keep your room cool.