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Light Socket Screw In Ceiling Fan

If you have an old ceiling fan, you may be interested In this Light Socket screw, auto-off Screw In ceiling fan Light controls a b5 bulb. This will help keep you cool and comfortable.

Light Socket Screw In Ceiling Fan Walmart

This auto-off screw-in 60 w auto-off lightbulb Socket Light control is excellent for ceiling fans that need to be able to operate with only a Light bulb or a spark from the Light socket, the Screw is basic to operate and fits most lights with a h-shaped head. The Light Socket Screw is conjointly compatible with westek's auto-off lights and delivers up to 60 w of power, this Light Socket Screw is designed to allow the installation of auto-off lights In ceiling fans. It is and presents a grooved surface to help avoid play In the product, this is a straightforward to operate and sturdy Light Socket Screw that you can use to connect your fan to your ceiling. The Screw is easily accessible and can be placed In any position on your ceiling fan base, the Light Socket Screw allows you to connect your fan to your ceiling with an alternative for a manual on/off. The Light Socket Screw also imparts an 60 watt auto-off Light bulb which will turn your fan off when it is full, the Screw is small and can be placed easily In the ceiling fan's hanger. The Light Socket Screw turns the auto-off lightbulbs into quick-start clips, making the install process less complex, its smooth, easy-to-use texture makes it effortless to hold and control.